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Our Promise

To always be honest, fair and upfront throughout the process. We are committed to managing proper expectations about the amount of money that could potentially be recovered. We will never guarantee the amount of money that could be recovered but promise to do everything we can to get as much as possible.

What We Do

In unique situations when banks are completely paid off at the time of foreclosure there can oftentimes be money owed to the previous owner. By the time the money is available in the court homeowners have more than likely moved and are unaware of their potential claim to the money. With our team of experts at NO RISK OR COST to the assignor we will petition the money in the court to recover as much money as possible on their behalf.

Who We Are

We are local Real Estate professionals with over 30 years of combined experience with an emphasis in residential Real Estate ranging from trustee sale foreclosures to helping homeowners on a one on one basis solve their Real Estate needs.


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John Baird

Paul Baird

For all legal work in regards to unclaimed funds Emerald Recovery uses:

Brennan Moss (Pia Anderson Moss Hoyt)

136 E South Temple Suite 1900

Salt Lake City, UT 84111


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